The Food Safety Leadership Award

The 2017 Food Safety Leadership Award will be presented to a single individual or organization that has gone above and beyond to improve food safety. Nominees will be scored based on the excellence and innovation shown in their work.

Criteria and Guidelines

A selection committee will assess each nominee’s contribution to food safety based on reach, effectiveness and impact.

  • Nominators are NSF’s main point of contact during the submission and selection process and are responsible for ensuring that their nominee meets all requirements
  • Both individuals and companies are eligible for nomination
  • International nominations are welcome
  • All award winners are expected to attend and will be responsible for their own travel costs
  • Short-term and long-term food safety contributions are acceptable
  • More than one award winner is possible

Selection Process and Scoring

The Food Safety Leadership Awards Selection Committee will review all nominees. The committee will choose the Food Safety Leadership Award recipient based on a scoring system that utilizes the following criteria:

  1. Scope – 20 points
    Outline of the project’s objective, details and goal.
  2. Result – 40 points
    What were the results of the project? How well did the program work?
  3. Impact – 40 points
    Was the program’s impact local or national? How many people did it impact and who was impacted?

All claims made in the nomination form must be substantiated with supporting documentation.