Water Treatment Systems Certification Process

How Do Products Become NSF Certified?

To earn NSF certification, water treatment systems must undergo extensive testing to confirm that they meet the strict requirements of American National Standards. In addition to verifying that the system is structurally sound, NSF verifies that:

  • The contaminant reduction claims shown on the label are true.
  • The system does not add anything harmful to the water.
  • The product labeling, advertising and literature are not misleading.

NSF certification for performance means we have tested a water treatment product using specific procedures and have confirmed that it can effectively reduce the contaminants claimed on the product label. We also require all products to be re-tested periodically and re-certified each year, which ensures that products continue to meet all stated requirements over time.

In some cases, products may only be tested for material safety or structural integrity which means they were not tested for reducing a specific contaminant. Even for products that undergo performance testing, the number of performance claims validated for each unit can vary. Protect yourself by making sure that the product you purchase is certified to reduce the contaminants of most concern to you. NSF certified products bear a certification mark to indicate the product has been tested and certified by our organization.