Selecting Pool, Spa and Hot Tub Products

Many products for use in and around pools, spas and hot tubs can help increase your comfort and safety. When shopping for the products below, make sure they have been independently verified to meet applicable standards for product design and performance.

  • Pool and barrier alarms were developed to help alert homeowners if an unauthorized person attempts to enter the area surrounding their pool or spa. The four major types of pool/barrier alarms are aboveground, floating, submerged and wristband alarms.
  • As a result of the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act, standards for drain, suction fittings and grates were strengthened to better prevent body parts, fingers, limbs and hair from becoming trapped. Most of these products are evaluated against ANSI/APSP - 16, and certification to this standard will be noted on the visible surface of the cover.
  • Pool/spa/hot tub safety covers. If you use a pool, spa or hot tub safety cover, pick one that is tested, audited and certified to by an accredited and reputable company against ASTM F1346. This standard specifies safety performance requirements for pool covers to protect young children from drowning.
  • Safety vacuum release systems (SVRS) should be tested and certified to either ASTM F2387 or ASME A112.19.17 depending on local building or public health requirements. When properly installed on a public pool, these products sense when a drain is being blocked and help release vacuum pressure or shut down the whole circulation system.
  • Disinfection systems for pools, spas and hot tubs are eligible for testing under NSF/ANSI 50: Pool Equipment, an American National Standard that establishes minimum design, construction, material and performance requirements for products used in pool and spa applications. In addition to chlorine and bromine feeders, additional equipment available for disinfecting pool and spa water includes salt chlorinators, copper and copper/silver ion generators and ozone processing equipment.

Many additional products used in the treatment and circulation of pool, spa and hot tub water are also eligible for review under NSF/ANSI 50, including filters and pumps.

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