Q&A: Home Products

  • Open How does NSF’s home product certification (HPC) differ from commercial food equipment certification?

    NSF’s Home Product Certification Program was designed for consumer products that undergo retail testing, and the NSF protocol requirements focus on quality concerns and regulations specific to the consumer goods market. The Home Product Certification Program is based on, but separate from, the NSF Commercial Food Equipment Program which validates the cleanability, material safety, temperature performance and other critical characteristics of food equipment used in restaurants, supermarkets, cafeterias, schools and other food service establishments. Commercial foodservice equipment certified to NSF/ANSI standards satisfies requirements in the FDA Food Code. Certified home products are tested for product quality, performance and food contact material regulations.

  • Open How does NSF’s HPC program help give vendors a competitive advantage?

    The NSF mark is well recognized by leading retailers as a symbol of safety and quality. When retail buyers and QA staff see the NSF HPC mark, backed by rigorous testing and a production facility check, it stands out. Retailers including Costco accept NSF HPC certification in lieu of repetitive QA testing for some products – saving their vendors time and money. Vendors of certified products also find adding SKUs, updating products or expanding series is simple and cost efficient, without redundant testing.