Specifying NSF-Certified Food Equipment for Supermarkets/Grocery Stores

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Whether you’re building a new chain of supermarkets, upgrading your deli counter or custom-designing equipment for your grocery store’s food prep area, avoid health inspector acceptance issues by specifying and sourcing only NSF-certified foodservice equipment.

NSF is the premier name in food equipment certification, providing assurance to retail owners and operators that equipment is made from safe materials, is designed and constructed for easy cleanability and performs as intended.

To learn more about NSF’s food equipment standards and certification process, or for assistance drafting specification language, contact us at +1 877.893.1325 or foodequipmentinfo@nsf.org. Also visit our Food Equipment web page for more information.

Benefits of Specification

Specifying and sourcing NSF-certified food equipment in your supermarket or grocery store assures health inspector acceptance and brand protection for your company name.

Across North America, NSF is the most specified and most accepted certification for foodservice equipment. In fact, equipment certified by NSF has assured acceptance by U.S. state and local regulatory agencies, plus the NSF mark is recognized in many global markets.

In addition to product evaluation, NSF certification to these standards includes reviews of the production facility to ensure the equipment is manufactured consistently using approved materials and employing good manufacturing practices.

Why Work With NSF?

Nearly 70 years ago, NSF International brought together key industry stakeholders to develop the first consensus standards for the sanitation of restaurant foodservice equipment. Since then, we have jointly developed over 80 standards and certified thousands of products as being safe to use in commercial food settings.

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  • The quality of NSF food safety audits is unparalleled. Expert reviewers analyze the issue, identify its cause and help us address and fix it. Our operators now provide safer food to travelers as a direct result of NSF’s educational-based reviews.Sheila Bliss, HMSHost