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At NSF, we can bring most of our courses to your site, customized to suit your needs. We’ve even customized our Qualified Person training modules for a global market to deliver the same education, training and decision making exercises as our full QP program.

Programs consist of up to 10 modules covering an extensive range of topics and subjects to help develop your key supervisors, managers and leaders across disciplines. Clients often take the opportunity to develop staff across multiple sites to encourage culture change and new ways of linking work practices and decision making.

 We offer complete educational programs tailored to your company and your business objectives or technology focus. Training at your site can vary in duration from half a day to five days. The optimum attendance is 12 to 25 delegates, although more or fewer can be accommodated.

We strongly believe that training is most effective when it is directly relevant to the activities performed by the attendees. We like to work closely with your company to design courses that your staff can immediately relate to and which answer their specific questions.

We also offer standalone courses drawing from an extensive library of cGMP, regulatory and technical topics. You may request any course we run at NSF to be customized for and delivered at your site.

For more information about NSF Pharma Biotech training and education in the U.S., email or call +1 857.277.0060.

For more information about NSF Pharma Biotech training and Education in Europe, email or call +44 1751 432 999.

cGMP Training

Companies requiring entirely new or updated on-boarding or annual cGMP training programs turn to NSF Pharma Biotech for an innovative approach and the very latest regulatory information and trends to ensure employees are gaining valuable cGMP knowledge which will help them in their work.

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