Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) Certified Compostable Program

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The BPI Certified Compostable (BPI) program applies science-based testing to prove a material will compost in a municipal or commercial facility and leave no toxic or lingering plastic residues in the soil. Certification allows your company to provide credible compostable claims for your products in the marketplace. As the program administrator for BPI, NSF can help your business through the BPI approval process to achieve BPI compostable certification.

Example categories of products:

  • Certified compostable bags
  • Certified compostable foodservice items
  • Certified compostable resins
  • Certified compostable packaging materials

To find certified compostable products, visit the BPI website.

Benefits of Certification

The BPI Compostable logo is the most widely recognized symbol for compostable plastic products in North America, providing credibility and recognition. Products carrying the BPI Compostable logo have been scientifically proven to biodegrade and compost quickly, safely and completely in municipal and composting operations. Consumers, composters, municipal officials and others can be confident that certified compostable products will biodegrade as expected.

Your company can use the BPI Compostable logo on both your certified products and your literature. We can help you demonstrate compliance and get the BPI logo for your products.

Download a copy of the BPI compostable white paper.

Why Work With NSF?

To handle a five-fold increase in compostable plastic product certifications since 2006, BPI selected NSF Sustainability as a program administrator. We assist manufacturers seeking to meet the growing demand for compostable products with credible compostable claims. NSF Sustainability is in the business of testing and verifying environmental claims for consumer and commercial products and is uniquely qualified to handle all your compostability certification needs.

Certification Process

You can have your products certified compostable in five easy steps:

  1. Your company has a product tested for compliance to ASTM D6400 or D6868 at an approved lab.
  2. Your company completes the program application and enters into a non-disclosure agreement with BPI and NSF.
  3. You provide details for and samples of the product to be sold.
  4. We review of all product information and test results, and determine compliance with all program requirements.
  5. After achieving compliance with all requirements, your company enters into licensing agreement with BPI, allowing you the right to use the BPI Compostable logo and other BPI trademarks. The license is valid for three years.

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