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In today's market, green, safer chemistry is a significant competitive advantage. GreenScreen® from Clean Production Action (CPA) is the first open source screening tool to promote the design, manufacture and use of safer chemicals in products. NSF Sustainability is an approved third-party profiler of ingredients and products in accordance with the GreenScreen chemical hazard assessment protocol.

The GreenScreen method provides guidance on assessing a chemical and assigning a hazard rating (low, moderate or high) for each of 18 different hazard endpoints. The assessment results are used to assign a benchmark score to the chemical, from 1 to 4. The lowest rating of 1 indicates a chemical of high concern or one with an incomplete dataset, ratings of 2 and 3 indicate progressively safer chemicals, and the highest rating of 4 indicates a chemical with a complete dataset and low hazard levels. GreenScreen has been a major success in aiding companies and governments in substituting hazardous chemicals with safer alternatives.

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Benefits of Reviews

For formulators/fabricators: The GreenScreen® assessment helps identify safer chemicals for a similar functional use and also supports informed substitution of materials and continual improvement. The benchmarking scoring system provides a simple method for non-technical buyers to consider hazards when making purchasing decisions, which reduces business risk and advances sustainability in product design.

TCO Certification, a sustainability certification for IT products, recommends the use of GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals on halogenated flame retardants and the toxic chemicals used to replace them. 

For chemical suppliers: The GreenScreen benchmarking process provides an elegant way to communicate the safety of your product to your downstream users. Your customers can be assured that the GreenScreen report is accurate and verified.

Streamline your chemical reporting process with NSF.

Why Work With NSF?

NSF Sustainability is an approved third-party profiler of ingredients and products for the GreenScreen® program.

We can facilitate your company’s path toward safer chemical substitution by performing full GreenScreen or GreenScreen List Translator reviews, or by screening your products for known benchmark 1 chemicals. Our team of qualified toxicologists provides fast, cost-effective and reliable reports.

Review Process

  1. 1. Your company completes the application process and submits the completed forms to NSF, indicating the level of review required (GreenScreen® List Translator, full GreenScreen or iterative review).
  2. We provide a quote for the review process and upon receipt of your signed contract, begin the review.
  3. We review your chemicals, contacting you at specific steps if chemicals need further review.
  4. The exact steps required vary based on which type of review you choose and which chemicals are involved.
  5. Once all reviews are complete, we issue a final analysis report for each chemical.

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