Product Transparency Reports

NSF Sustainability verifies environmental product declarations (EPDs) and develops product category rules (PCRs). All focus on the life cycle assessment (LCA) which is a transparent analysis of the life cycle environmental impacts of a product, system or service. A PCR is the rule set that defines how to conduct an LCA and what to include in the report of your findings, the EPD. NSF has partner organizations that can also help you develop your LCA and conduct LCA critical reviews.

For product categories where no PCR exists, NSF has the solution. The Sustainable Minds Transparency Reports™ Program is an alternative to the PCR/EPD process – with third-party verification for equivalent credibility and verification, plus more.  It provides a comprehensive solution for product manufacturers to design and market greener products.

A health product declaration (HPD) is a report of the material or ingredient content of a building product and the associated health effects. An HPD provides transparency and 100 percent disclosure through an inventory of all content of a product as delivered for consumer use and the associated health hazards. The green building rating system LEED v4 cites HPDs as a path to compliance for some criteria.

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