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In a marketplace wary of green product hype, NSF Sustainability provides independent, science-based verification of environmental claims that achieve the highest levels of transparency. An environmental product declaration (EPD) is an ISO 14025 standardized report of data collected in the life cycle assessment (LCA) as specified by the product category rules (PCRs). EPDs can be verified by an independent third party. They are also included in LEED V4 in a new criteria for the Materials and Resources Category.

Third-party EPD validation by NSF Sustainability proves that the data was collected in accordance with the applicable PCR and meets all ISO requirements. We can also assist with the development of PCRs and LCAs for your industry. For questions or a quote on services, call us at +1 734.476.2543 or email sustainability@nsf.org.

Benefits of Verification

Environmental product declarations (EPDs) offer manufacturers an international standard of communication to compare and describe their product's environmental impact throughout its entire life cycle from cradle to grave.

Verification of EPDs allows manufacturers to:

  • Benchmark against other EPD reports
  • Identify areas for improvement of their environmental attributes
  • Provide customers with a way to choose between products based on environmental attributes
  • Help eliminate greenwashing by bringing transparency and credibility to the sustainability marketplace
  • Save money by adopting more sustainable operational practices and business approaches

Market Demand for EPDs

Verified EPDs are type III environmental product declarations and may help building projects qualify for points through the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System (LEED V4). EPDs are also increasingly required in international markets for consumer and commercial products. Give your products the market advantage with verified EPD reporting.

Download a copy of the PCR, LCA, and EPD white paper.

Why Work With NSF?

With nearly 70 years of experience testing and certifying products for safety, health and the environment, NSF International and its NSF Sustainability division are dedicated to greater transparency in product environmental reporting. As a program operator, NSF Sustainability can assist your company in developing product category rules (PCRs) and provide environmental product declaration (EPD) verification across multiple product groups and industries. We can expertly guide your organization through the development and validation process.

Verification Process

We help manufacturers and organizations through a guided process of EPD verification according to ISO 14025 requirements.

Development of an EPD

  1. PCR requirement review
    • We determine required data and information
    • Your company assembles needed documentation
  2. Life cycle assessment
    • We conduct a critical review of the LCA
    • We complete the overall EPD content and format
  3. Third-party EPD verification
    • We conduct an independent assessment of the EPD
    • We address any remaining gaps in requirements

We also provide support services to help you develop LCAs and PCRs as well as a network of experts to educate you on the overall process and role of EPDs in your business and markets.

PCR / EPD Documents

The National Center for Sustainability Standards (NCSS) has developed PCRs and American National standards for a wide range of product categories, including chemicals, commercial furnishings, flooring, building products and materials, and water treatment and distribution systems. Please select a link below to view or download the Product Category Rules that have been developed for the following products categories:

View the Program operator/PCR instructions.

You may also download a sample Environmental Product Declaration Template with Instructions Guide:

View NSF Sustainability third-party verified EPD documents.

We can assist with the development of PCRs and LCAs to help you along the path of completing an EPD for your industry.

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