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A Complete Solution for Designing and Marketing Greener Products

NSF Sustainability is working with Sustainable Minds to provide certification of all data and information provided in an SM Transparency Report™.

The SM Transparency Report Program provides the tools to design better, report better and fundamentally create a continuous improvement loop. By third-party validating the reports through NSF Sustainability, you add an additional layer of credibility to your transparency reporting. In the long run, the SM Transparency Report Program is helping manufacturers make things better.

For more information, see our transparency reports overview.

The Report

In a Sustainable Minds Transparency Report, manufacturers can present a product’s functional and environmental performance attributes. The report can make LCA results understandable by describing what the company is actually doing to make its products greener, including decisions made across the product’s life cycle. Decision-makers can quickly review and make well-informed greener purchase decisions. SM Transparency Reports are freely available in a cloud, connecting buyers and sellers in just one click.

Any manufacturer who has done or is about to do an LCA can create an SM Transparency Report. You designate the life cycle scope and select the certification level that your customers or preferred certification programs require. SM Transparency Reports include three concise, comprehensive and easy to understand areas:

  • Performance dashboard
  • LCA results and interpretation
  • How you make your product greener

Choosing the Best Transparency Report Option

Multiple transparency report options exist for transparency reporting such as Sustainable Minds Transparency Reports and environmental product declaration (EPD) reports. NSF provides independent certification to both and is a recognized and experienced program operator.

Whatever option you choose, NSF Sustainability can facilitate your reporting needs.

For more information on Sustainable Minds Transparency Reports call +1 734.827.5668 or email

Benefits of SM Transparency Reports™

Sustainable Minds (SM) Transparency Reports™ combine functional product performance and environmental performance information in one concise report. Reports live in the cloud in the SM Manufacturers Showroom, a public destination to showcase your greener products and your brand’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

SM Transparency Reports make it easy for prospects and customers to understand your brand’s commitment to environmental sustainability and what you’re doing to make your products greener.

Why Work With NSF?

NSF International, in 70 years of operation, has established a solid reputation for credibility in auditing, certifying and verifying systems, reports and testing results. 

The NSF Sustainability Division continues this standing by providing credible, transparent certification of all data and information provided in an SM Transparency Report™.  NSF certified SM Transparency Reports are a credible source for environmental information.

The NSF logo is your assurance of fully evaluated and confirmed evidence-based claims and conclusions.

Report Creation Process

Sustainable Minds (SM) Transparency Reports™ drive greener purchase decisions by making environmental performance information easy to understand. NSF’s third-party certification of your report ensures its credibility.

Take these simple steps to create your certified SM Transparency Reports:

  1. Use an established product group definition (PGD) or develop a new one for your products and submit for approval to Sustainable Minds Technical Advisory Board (TAB).
  2. Determine the number of SM Transparency Report(s). This is the decision to market a single product, one product with a variation, two distinct products or multiple products in a series. A health product declaration (HPD) tab can optionally be added to your report.
  3. Create your life cycle assessment(s) LCA(s) and draft the LCA report(s) following the SM Transparency Report Framework Parts A & B. If you need assistance in creating LCAs, Sustainable Minds and NSF can provide expert resources to assist. Submit your LCA draft report (and HPD) to NSF for certification.
  4. Using the SM Transparency Report content creation process, acquire and create the content for the three-page report:
    • Performance dashboard
    • LCA results & interpretation (with an optional HPD results and interpretation tab)
    • How we make it greener
  5. Submit SM Transparency Reports for certification to NSF Sustainability who will manage the complete review process.
  6. Market better — SM will launch and deploy your report(s) in the SM Manufacturers Showroom.
  7. Design better — with SM Ecodesign & LCA software. You get example product modeling with your LCA data represented as SM impact factors and CO2 equivalents in your private dataset.

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  • Open Does an SM Transparency Report™ meet LEED v4 credit criteria?

    The SM Transparency Report can be based on a publicly available, critically reviewed life cycle assessment conforming to ISO 14044 which qualifies it for LEED v4 MRc2 option 1 (same option available in several rating systems).  SM Transparency Reports enable manufacturers in product categories with no assigned product category rule (PCR) to still provide transparency reporting that may contribute to this LEED v4 credit.

  • Open Can an SM Transparency Report meet Green Globes Green Building Rating System requirements?

    Yes.  The Materials and Resources section of Green Globes includes two credits (3.5.1 and 3.5.2) that recognize life cycle assessments (LCAs) conforming to ISO 14044 that are third-party verified.  SM Transparency Reports (based on ISO 14044 conforming LCAs) can be used as supporting documentation for products seeking acceptance under these credits.

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