The NSF Applied Research Center (ARC) establishes strategic partnerships with academia, industry and regulatory bodies for research and development projects geared to furthering public health in water safety, food safety, pharma, sustainability and consumer goods.

The ARC team provides scientific leadership and demonstrates technical innovation with its three strategic partners:

  • Industry:
    • Startups seeking a subcontract resource with technical know-how for product development
    • Established companies requiring third-party validation or niche technical expertise
  • Universities:
    • Seeking a co-investigator for grant research
    • Wanting to select a subcontract lab for research projects
  • Regulatory Bodies:
    • Wanting policy development or participation in technical advisory committees
    • Seeking methods development, product validation and regulatory compliance

For more information about the NSF Applied Research Center, email or call +1 734.585.6848.

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