Verification / Validation

We provide verification and validation services for greenhouse gas (GHG) projects, landfill free claims and product environmental and performance claims.

GHG Services
NSF International, through its NSF Sustainability Division, a global leader in management systems certifications, provides verification and validation of GHG inventories and projects, and is one of a few leading bodies in this field to be accredited by ANSI. Our inventory verification service satisfies requirements of GHG reporting programs like The Climate Registry. We also verify environmental claims relating to the carbon footprint of products, the carbon neutrality of products and the use of renewable energy.

NSF Sustainability offers services for the verification of landfill-free claims to an established guideline to help companies monitor, measure and promote their efforts to reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill. Several organizations claim landfill-free status, but industry leaders have taken the additional step to have their environmental claims verified by an independent third-party certification body.

Product Environmental and Performance Claim Validation
NSF Sustainability claims validation provides manufacturers with an important tool for communicating credible, third-party validated information about their products. Claims can be as varied as the products they cover: recyclable, recycled content, compostable, organic, biobased, energy efficient and many more. We can also customize a process for claims validation to fit your particular product or industry need.

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