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The responsible and sustainable use of our resources has been a concern for businesses and society for decades, and the diversion of waste from landfill is one of the more significant environmental issues facing society today. Achieving landfill-free status is a significant accomplishment and companies demonstrating environmental leadership and social responsibility can now have their environmental claim verified through a reputable, independent third party.

The NSF-ISR Landfill-Free Program establishes uniform criteria to evaluate and verify an organization's waste management processes and grants recognition to companies that can demonstrate that less than 1 percent of process waste is being sent to landfill.

Download the case study to find out how West Liberty Foods, an Iowa-based foodservice company, earned landfill-free status for its Tremonton, Utah processing facility through third-party verification from NSF-ISR.

Benefits of Verification

NSF-ISR's Landfill-Free Program provides your organization:

  • Full transparency around your waste reduction efforts
  • Credibility of verification by a trusted third-party certification body, NSF-ISR
  • Marketplace recognition for companies that undertake third-party verification

Take the next step and get your landfill-free status verified by NSF-ISR.

Why Work With NSF?

NSF-ISR’s Landfill-Free Program provides a structured process to help your organization identify and quantify your waste streams, and upon successful certification, get recognition for your achievement of being landfill-free. We define the necessary steps of the verification process and the criteria for a landfill-free claim. Our experienced professionals work with you to review and evaluate your waste management processes in a constructive and collaborative manner that promotes improvement. The verification provides your claim of landfill-free the full credibility of the NSF-ISR name.

Verification Process

Becoming verified under the NSF-ISR Landfill-Free Program involves these steps:

  1. Your company submits an application, receives a quote and signs an agreement for NSF-ISR verification.
  2. We assign a verification team.
  3. We perform a documentation review to determine adequacy and readiness to undergo a verification assessment.
  4. We conduct an on-site planning (stage 1) audit to determine the level of implementation of processes and the readiness of the facility for the full stage 2 audit, and to collect information to plan the stage 2 audit.
  5. We conduct an on-site verification (stage 2) audit to verify the landfill-free claim.
  6. We issue an assessment report and, if applicable, you complete corrective actions to address any program/process issues.
  7. We issue the certificate, which is valid for one year.
  8. We perform annual reassessment audits in accordance with requirements.

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