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We offer certificate programs for industry professionals to gain in-depth knowledge and skills in areas such as food safety, pharmaceutical quality and good manufacturing practices (GMPs) for the pharma industry. NSF training programs meet predefined industry requirements for content, follow predetermined processes and include constant feedback for quality improvement. These programs help your company comply with regulatory requirements for consistently trained professionals, regardless of when or where they receive their NSF training.

Why NSF?

We partner with academia and other oversight agencies to help ensure that our certificate programs include key aspects such as high quality material, best-in-class performance management protocols, multi-level evaluation cycles and technical advisory panels.

Food Safety

Learners may attain the NSF Certificate in Food Safety Programs after successful completion of these four ANSI-accredited courses within a specified three-year time frame:

  • Prerequisite Programs for Food Safety Systems (1 day)
  • HACCP Manager Training (2 days)
  • Advanced HACCP: Verification and Validation (1 day)
  • Principles of Internal Auditing (1 day)

These courses can be delivered as public courses, on-site or online. In addition, learners must meet the following course requirements:

  • Be present for a minimum of 95 percent of the course
  • Successfully complete and pass a criterion-referenced assessment
  • Register and pay the required fee through the NSF website

View the complete list of requirements for the NSF Certificate in Food Safety Programs.

Pharma Qualified Person (QP)

Qualified Person (QP) is a technical term used in European Union pharmaceutical regulation (Directive 2001/83/EC for medicinal products for human use). The regulations specify that no batch of medicinal product can be released for sale or supply prior to certification by a QP that the batch complies with the relevant requirements.

NSF offers a series of 12 linked but stand-alone training modules that make up the complete Qualified Person and Professional Development Training Program. The series spans 21 months and is repeated every two years. You can join and leave at any point, giving you complete flexibility.

Each module has been carefully designed to meet the requirements for theoretical training as detailed in EC Directives 2001/82/EC and 2001/83/EC and in the latest UK Qualified Person Study Guide.

Modules topics include:

  • Pharmaceutical Law and Administration
  • Medicinal Chemistry and Therapeutics
  • Formulation and Processing
  • Pharmaceutical Microbiology
  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Analysis and Testing
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Practical Module
  • Investigational Medicinal Products
  • Role and Professional Duties of the QP

In addition to Qualified Person (QP) training, participants also have the opportunity to gain a Master of Science degree, a postgraduate diploma or a postgraduate certificate in pharmaceutical quality and good manufacturing practices. For detailed information about QP courses, please visit the NSF-DBA website.

Pharma IRCA Certified GMP Auditor

Given the regulatory pressure on the pharma industry, a high level of scrutiny is being placed on the training and development of auditors and self-inspectors.

NSF responded by creating a course for pharmaceutical group lead auditors that provides the education, training and development needed to meet today’s pharmaceutical pressures, including auditor skills and a toolbox of auditing techniques.

The course is certified by the International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA), the world’s largest certification body for auditors of quality management systems (QMS), and meets the requirements of the U.S. FDA’s Pharmaceutical Quality System.

With content and delivery of EudraLex Volume 4, Chapters 1 to 9, and ICH Q10 as the combined QMS, this is the first truly certified good manufacturing practice (GMP) auditor training course available globally today. Other auditor training course topics include:

  • Steriles
  • Pharmaceutical microbiology (QP4)
  • Formulation and processing (QP3)
  • Quality management systems (QP8)
  • Biotech

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  • “NSF provided comprehensive QP training. The tutors’ delivery, experience and focus on personal development are exceptional. NSF’s best-in-class approach produces quality professionals that can draw on experience from all areas of the industry.”Ian Birch / Roche Pharma AG
  • “Very useful for a newcomer to the field of auditing. The buzz groups and role play were very helpful. Both presenters/tutors were excellent in their presentation of the topics, with genuine examples, and experienced in this field/subject matter!”Shivani Patel / Merck (Pty) Ltd
  • “It was very helpful to someone new to the auditing business. Now I feel much more confident in taking part in an audit as an auditor and later on as a lead auditor. Now I am really looking forward to the time to perform an audit.”Antje Rudolph / F Hoffman-La-Roche

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