Course Description

Introduction to 5-S; Cost:  $189.00;  5-S is a workplace organization method that increases efficiency and effectiveness in areas where applied.  It is gaining in popularity as organizations learn of the value of this program that is part of Lean Manufacturing.  Once implemented, the 5-S program can improve productivity, drive production-necessary maintenance, equal responsibilities for work area cleanliness, and increased pride in the workplace.  Many organizations also cite improved safety as an important benefit of having a 5-S program.  This presentation provides a brief history of 5-S and then proceeds through each of the steps (the S’s).  The description of each step will provide you with a ready-to-implement 5-S program in your organization.  The package of training materials you will receive includes ready-to-use worksheets and a 5-S audit form that is used to monitor program success and drive continual improvement.

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