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We hope you enjoy the first issue of NSF Shanghai E-News for 2013. NSF Shanghai E-News includes the latest NSF news, tips for a better use of our Official listing and information about trade shows and seminars which NSF Shanghai will be present at. Be sure to look for our next issue in June 2013!

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Did You Know?

NSF International’s Global Water Division Promotes Two Industry Leaders: Rick Andrew and Dave Purkiss

NSF International, a global independent public health organization that writes standards, and tests and certifies products for the water, food, health sciences and consumer goods industries, has promoted two experts in its water division.

  • Rick Andrew shifts his role to focus on new business development opportunities for all of NSF’s water programs.
  • Dave Purkiss will direct NSF’s Municipal Water and Drinking Water Treatment programs with management support from two very experienced operations managers: Kelli Fleischmann and Jennifer Sharp.

NSF International's Water Programs require extensive product testing and unannounced audits of production facilities to verify that water treatment products meet the design, material and performance requirements from source to tap. > Read More

NSF By Program

NSF Water Programs

Fire Hydrants Now Covered Under the Scope of NSF/ANSI 61

The NSF International Joint Committee on Drinking Water Additives–System Components and the NSF Council of Public Health Consultants (CPHC) recently approved a ballot to remove the 15-year exclusion of fire hydrants from the scope of NSF/ANSI 61. As a result, both wet barrel and dry barrel (base valve design) types of hydrants can be certified under NSF/ANSI 61. The hydrants will be evaluated based on the wetted components of the hydrants while the valves are in the closed position and not in use for fire-related use and maintenance. The normalization factors and assumptions will be the same as those that exist in the standard for water main valves. > Read More

New NSF International Standard for Geothermal Heat Pump Systems Piping to be Referenced in 2015 International Mechanical Code

NSF International has published the first in a series of American National Standards for Ground-Source Geothermal Piping Systems – NSF/ANSI 358-1. This new standard, which will be referenced in the 2015 International Mechanical Code, provides engineers, regulators and users assurance that certified geothermal products meet minimum performance and safety requirements, reducing potential liability, and increasing confidence and product acceptance in the marketplace. > Read More

NSF International Issues First Australian WaterMark Certification for 3M Filtration System

NSF International has certified 3M’s commercial foodservice filtration systems to the Australian WaterMark Certification Scheme for plumbing, water treatment and distribution products. 3M’s commercial foodservice filtration systems are the first to earn certification from NSF International, enabling 3M to distribute its product to the Australian market. > Read More

NSF International Now Provides Dual Health Effects and Performance Certifications for Epoxy Coatings Used to Rehabilitate Pressurized Piping Systems (ASTM F2831)

NSF International now offers dual certification to ASTM 2831, the American Society for Testing and Materials’ (ASTM) performance standard for epoxy coatings used to rehabilitate pressurized piping systems, as well as NSF/ANSI 61, the nationally recognized health effects standard for all devices, components and materials which contact drinking water. Pipe rehabilitation using a certified epoxy coating saves municipalities, building operators, plumbers and homeowners the cost, time and disruption associated with pipe replacement. > Read More

NSF International Now Offers Dual Certification of Gasket and Sealing Products to Material Requirements of ASSE 1061 and ASTM F2854 for Use With Push-Fit Fittings

NSF International has certified the first gasket and sealing materials used with push-fit fittings to both the chloramine resistance and tensile strength performance requirements of ASSE 1061 and ASTM F2854. > Read More

NSF Food Safety Program

NSF International Plans to Help Retailers Build a Culture of Food Safety, Appoints Retail Food Safety Expert Gina Nicholson to Lead the Program

NSF International, an independent global organization with nearly 70 years of food safety expertise, has appointed Gina Nicholson to Global Director of Retail Accounts. With over 23 years of retail food safety experience, Gina will focus on utilizing new technology and science-based approaches developed by NSF International to create supply chain food safety management systems and training programs that can be scaled to fit a global retailer’s operations worldwide. This includes overseeing NSF’s team of retail food safety experts that have served as a trusted resource for consulting and technical services for major global retail brands such as Sodexo, HMSHost, T.G.I. Friday’s and Jack in the Box. > Read More

NSF International Acquires the INASSA Group LLC, a Peruvian Leader in Analytical Testing, Certification, Inspection and Training for the Seafood/Fishing, Food and Pharmaceutical/Medical Industries

NSF International has acquired the INASSA Group of Lima, Peru, which is comprised of three segments: technical analysis, laboratory and sanitation. It is known as International Analytical Services S.A.C. (INASSA), Environmental Laboratories Peru S.A.C. (Envirolab) and Servicios Integrales de Saneamiento S.A.C. (Servisanea). The INASSA Group will now be known as NSF-INASSA, NSF-Envirolab and NSF-Servisanea. > Read More

Guelph Food Technology Centre, a Leading Food Safety Training, Quality and Technical Service Provider, Merges with NSF International

The Guelph Food Technology Centre (GFTC), a Canadian leader in food safety certification, training, quality and technical solutions, has merged with NSF International, a global public health and safety organization with a similar legacy in food safety and training. As a result, GFTC’s current members and clients will benefit from a broad array of NSF food safety training, auditing and certification services that include seafood, organic and global food safety certifications as well as support from NSF International, the largest food safety certifier in the agriculture sector with a global network of auditors and testing laboratories. > Read More

NSF Health Science Programs

New Study Reveals Supplement Labels for Caffeine are Inaccurate

Caffeine levels in dietary supplements commonly used by military personnel are often incorrectly labeled, according to a recent study conducted by NSF International, Harvard Medical School and the Uniformed Services University. The study, which was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Internal Medicine last week, looked at 31 of the most popular dietary supplements sold as capsules on military installations. Samples from the supplements were analyzed for caffeine content per serving and compared against what was listed on the product label. NSF International, an independent public health organization specializing in the testing of nutritional supplements among other products, conducted the analysis. > Read More


NSF International Approves First Laboratory to Perform Testing for Brake Manufacturing Council’s Brake Friction Material Program

NSF International, an independent global public health and safety organization and registrar for the Brake Manufacturing Council’s (BMC) Brake Friction Material Program, has approved the first laboratory to perform the testing required under the new program - Link Engineering Company. > Read More

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