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Power outages and flood waters have made many people vulnerable to food and waterborne illness. If you or a friend or loved one was affected by Hurricane Sandy, we hope these tips help you keep your food and water supplies safe.

Keeping Food Safe During an Emergency

Floods, fire, natural disasters — even a simple loss of power for a few hours can jeopardize the safety of food. Knowing how to keep food safe as well as to determine if food is still safe to consume can help reduce your risk for foodborne illness as well as loss of food.

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Alternate Sources of Drinking Water in Emergencies

During a natural disaster, boil water alert or power outage, you may need to look for alternative drinking water sources if your normal water supply isn’t available or becomes unsafe to drink.

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Sanitation in Disaster Situations

Learn more about what steps you can take to keep yourself and your family healthy during a disaster.

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