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Learn About Home Water Conservation

World Water Day is an annual event that focuses attention on the importance and sustainable management of fresh water.

Learn about water technologies that help you make the most of your water resources, including
rainwater collection, alternative wastewater treatment systems
and water efficiency.

Reduce Allergens and Improve Indoor Air Quality

No matter what the time of year, allergens can be present in our homes.

Learn strategies for reducing allergens and chemical emissions that can come from wallpaper, carpets and furniture in your home. > Read More

Drinking Water Contaminant of the Month: Lead

If you live in an older home, lead could be leaching from your home’s plumbing into your water supply. Because it has no color, odor or taste, lead cannot be easily detected without having your water tested.

Learn more about this contaminant, where it comes from and what steps you can take to help protect against it. > Read More

Non GMO and Organic are related but not the same. Learn the difference.

Organic certification helps verify that a food or agricultural item is grown, processed and handled without the use of pesticides. It also means that it can’t be produced with genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

However, non-GMO doesn’t mean Organic. Confused? Here is a simple fact sheet that explains how organic regulations apply to non-GMOs.

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