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Spring Cleaning

Are you starting your spring cleaning yet? If so, you may want to pay special attention to the kitchen, as NSF found germs lurking in some pretty unusual places.

Learn what kitchen spots were hot spots for germs and what the best steps are to keep them clean. You can also find environmentally friendly cleaning tips in the Green Living section of our site.

Kitchen Pet Peeves

According to a recent NSF International survey, Americans seem to have a bit of a double standard when it comes to food preparation and safety. Three out of four Americans are disturbed by seeing others "double dip" their food, yet more than a third admit to doing the same.

See what other kitchen pet peeves made the list and what steps you can take to make your kitchen a safer place. > Read More

Drinking Water Contaminant of the Month: Nitrates

Nitrates can be found in both public and private water supplies. Although not considered a health issue at levels below 10 mg/L, nitrates present in water above this level can cause serious health issues for infants and pregnant women.

Learn more about nitrates in drinking water, where they come from and what steps you can take to help protect against them.
> Read More

Five Steps to Safer Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

If you use cosmetics or personal care items, you’ve probably wondered about their safety. In fact, 48% of consumers have said exactly that.

Here are five simple steps you can take to protect yourself when purchasing cosmetics and personal care products. > Read More

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