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Some Supplement Ingredients Can Hurt You

Although many manufacturers do their best to keep harmful ingredients out of their supplements, some of these products can still contain ingredients that could hurt you. Be sure to check the label, talk with your doctor or trainer, and look for certification before taking a supplement to protect your health and your game. One of the top 11 ingredients to avoid is DMBA, a synthetic stimulant that has been masquerading as geranium and can cause increase heart rates, heart attacks and worse. Learn what the other 10 ingredients are to avoid.
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Who Ensures the Safety of Supplements and Vitamins?

If you’ve shopped for supplements recently, you’ve probably noticed that the shelves are filled with many different brands and types. While the volume of choices may seem overwhelming at first, reading the labels can help guide your decision. Learn some key things to look for.
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Do’s and Don’ts - Advice for Purchasing Your Next Bottle of Vitamins or Supplements

The dietary supplements industry — which includes everything from multivitamins and fish oil to zinc and joint supplements — has been in the news lately. But not all supplements on the market are created equally. What should you consider when purchasing a supplement? > Read More

Frequently Asked Questions About Supplements

Over 18 years ago, NSF International developed an American National Standard for dietary supplements. Products are tested to confirm that what’s on the label is actually present in the product. In addition, testing is conducted to confirm that the product contains no unsafe levels of contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides. Learn more about your supplements, regulations and expiration dates in our Supplements & Vitamins FAQ. > Read More

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