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Don’t Turn a Relaxing Day Into a Tragedy

A relaxing day in your backyard can quickly become an emergency if proper pool safety precautions aren’t taken. The body (often the torso or bottom), hair, limbs, loose-fitting swim suits and jewelry can become tangled in pool filters if you are not using the right pool/spa filter cover.
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Swimming Safety Tips

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), in each year between 2010 and 2012, an average of nearly 400 children younger than 15 fatally drowned in a pool or spa, with 75 percent of those incidents involving children younger than 5. No matter how many years you have owned a pool, it’s important not to take safety for granted. Keep these tips in mind for a safer swimming season.
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How to Find Safer Products for Your Pool or Spa

Many products for use in and around pools, spas and hot tubs can help increase your comfort and safety. When shopping for these products, make sure they have been independently certified to meet applicable standards for product design and performance. Take advantage of today’s latest products and technologies to keep your pool safer. > Read More

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