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Tips for Sports Fans

Get your chicken wings and sauce ready! It’s sports season and time for tailgating! Buffet style is an easy and popular way to serve food when tailgating. However, if food is left out for long periods of time, bacteria that lead to foodborne illness can develop. Keep your tailgating sports fans eating safer by following these cooking and food safety tips.

Pre-Game: Be Prepared

If you use a portable grill for your tailgating, it is important to make sure your grill is clean and the food is ready to cook. Preparation of food ahead of time can save time and keep your tailgaters safer! Check out these food preparation and grilling tips before your next tailgating event.

How to Avoid False Starts When Tailgating

Food poisoning can be a game changer if proper food handling practices aren’t followed. For example, use a thermometer, not your eyes, to avoid false starts by taking your food off the grill too early. Check out these other helpful cooking tips for your tailgating party.

Leftovers – What, When And How

It’s already been 1 ½ hours since you put out the appetizers. Can you leave them out until half time? Find out the answer to this question by reading the top four tips for making sure you store your leftovers safely.

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