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Germiest Items in Your Home

What do you think the germiest item in your home is? Most people surveyed thought the bathroom would be the dirtiest place in their home – – What’s your guess? Find out what our home germ study revealed.
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Are You Going to Work Sick?

We conducted a survey to determine why people go to work when they are sick. We can help you stay healthier around sick co-workers by following these tips on how to #LiveSafer at work.
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College Housing — Hot Spot Germ Areas

Imagine the typical college student’s home—dirty dishes in the sink, molding food left spoiling on the counters or forgotten in the fridge, and mildewed showers. Often living on their own for the first time, many of these students, age 18–25, admit they don’t clean. As a result, many are at risk of being exposed to the sort of pathogens that could keep them out of the classroom.
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What Other Public Areas Are the Germiest?

Do you ever wonder how many germs are present in your doctor’s office? Does your student use headphones that the school provides? Do you take your child to the park and let them play in the sandbox? All of these public areas and more can harbor risks associated with germs. Learn more about the germiest places in public areas from our study.
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