Supply Chain Food Safety Program News - February 2014

NSF Now Offers IFS PACsecure Certification for the Packaging Industry

NSF now certifies to the IFS PACsecure standard, which is GFSI benchmarked and identifies potential hazards in common packaging manufacturing processes for more cost-effective solutions. > Read More

Calibration Is Key in Food Safety and Quality Assessments

To help ensure auditor consistency, we work with customers to understand their company culture and processing environment. We recently met with US Foods for a dialog session. > Read More

An SQF Corporate Desk Audit Can Streamline Facility Audits

A challenge for suppliers with multiple facilities is auditing functions conducted at the corporate office. Corporate desk audits can help suppliers demonstrate corporate compliance at future facility audits. > Read More

What’s New in SQF Code Edition 7.2

SQF Code Edition 7.2 takes effect on July 3. Major changes include that surveillance audits will be scored and that all certified suppliers will have an unannounced audit once every three years. > Read More

SQF Code Edition 7.2 Will Require Unannounced Audits

SQF Code Edition 7.2, which goes into effect July 3, will require suppliers to have an unannounced audit every three years. Learn how NSF will implement this requirement. > Read More

BRC Storage and Distribution Certification Moves to Annual Audits on July 1, 2014

Effective July 1 to meet GFSI benchmarking standards, BRC Storage and Distribution certification will require audits every 12 months. > Read More

In the Spotlight: Meet Rich Simmons

To help you get to know NSF better, we feature an NSF employee in each newsletter. This issue introduces Rich Simmons, Certification Manager of Supply Chain Food Safety. > Read More

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