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Join NSF for a Special Presentation at WQA Aquatech

NSF drinking water expert Rick Andrew will discuss a new standard on emerging compounds and incidental contaminants at Aquatech on March 20 in Orlando. The draft standard, NSF 401, sets water treatment unit requirements for reducing emerging compounds — including pharmaceuticals, personal care products, chemicals and endocrine disrupting compounds such as Bisphenol A (BPA) — in water.

Products covered in the standard include mouth-drawn and hand-squeezed sports bottle type filtration systems, point-of-use reverse osmosis systems and traditional filtration systems. Compounds include BPA, meprobamate, phenytoin, atenolol, carbamazepine, TCEP, TCPP, DEET, metolachlor, trimethoprim, ibuprofen, naproxen, estrone, linuron and nonylphenol. > Learn More

DWTU Industry Forum and Joint Committee Meeting Set for May 13-15

The DWTU Industry Forum and Joint Committee Meeting will take place May 13-15 at NSF in Ann Arbor. At the industry forum on May 13, current NSF clients can provide input to our DWTU certification program and get the latest information about product standards, regulations and compliance.

At the joint committee meeting May 14-15, industry stakeholders will review balloted items, get updates on revisions, proposals and standards, and enjoy presentations on industry trends. Observers are welcome. > Learn More

NSF Launches HACCP for Building Water Systems Training

NSF has launched a Building Water Systems Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) training program for water systems professionals. The training will help safeguard against microbial, chemical and physical hazards associated with premise plumbing, cooling towers and other water systems in buildings. Training courses will be held in multiple cities across the U.S. > Read More

Management Systems Registration Services for Water Customers

Did you know NSF-ISR, a division of NSF, also provides ISO registration services for quality, environmental, and health and safety management systems? Our global team can help you comply with regulatory requirements and ensure effective performance of your processes and systems. We can certify your management systems to ISO 9001: Quality Management, ISO 14001: Environmental, OHSAS 18001: Occupational Health and Safety, and more. > Learn more

Featured Events

WQA Aquatech
3/18 – 21
Orlando, FL
Visit NSF in booth 635

3/18 – 21
Milan, Italy
Visit NSF at Pav. 11 stand N53

Water Korea
3/18 – 21
Goyang, Korea
Visit NSF in booth D-2-10

Asia Water
3/19 – 21
KL, May

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