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Drinking Water Treatment Unit Consumer Inquiries

Key highlights from our customer inquiries in January about drinking water treatment units include:

  • About one-third of consumers (38 percent) were looking for help choosing a filter. Another third (33 percent) were looking to confirm if a product was NSF certified.
  • A vast majority of consumers (61 percent) first learn about NSF through seeing a claim of NSF certification from a manufacturer or dealer.
  • Lead topped the list of concerns for consumers who contacted NSF looking for products that could address a specific contaminant. This was followed closely by hard water issues.
  • A vast majority (218 or 87 percent) of calls and emails came from U.S.-based consumers. The three countries from which we received the most inquiries included Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Get Your Pool Pump EPA ENERGY STAR Certified by NSF

The EPA ENERGY STAR program requires third-party verification of products’ energy saving features. Did you know NSF is accredited for EPA ENERGY STAR pool pump testing and certification in addition to testing pumps for California Energy Commission (CEC) compliance? > Read More

DWTU Industry Forum and Joint Committee Meeting Set for May 13-15

The DWTU Industry Forum and Joint Committee Meeting will take place May 13-15 at NSF in Ann Arbor. At the industry forum on May 13, current NSF clients can provide input to our DWTU certification program and get the latest information about product standards, regulations and compliance.

At the joint committee meeting May 14-15, industry stakeholders will review balloted items, get updates on revisions, proposals and standards, and enjoy presentations on industry trends. Observers are welcome. > Read More

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5/6 – 8
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