Corded textiles such as electric blankets, mattress pads and similar items can definitely help keep you warm on a cold day. Most of these products contain an electric heating element that lets you warm a bed or similar surface, along with a control device to adjust the heat level.

Choosing a Corded Textile

If you're considering purchasing an electric blanket, heating pad or other similar corded textile, check to see if the product is certified for home use under NSF Protocol P403: Corded Home Textiles – Heated Blankets, Pads, and Mattress Pads for Home Use. Certification to this protocol helps ensure that the product has been verified to meet strict standards for product design, durability, materials and performance. As part of NSF’s Home Products Certification Program, we also review product packaging for regulatory compliance and substantiate other marketing and label claims. 

In addition to looking for certification, it’s important to examine products carefully for quality as well as to ensure they meet your needs. While some products such as corded mattress pads are designed to be laid upon, others such as electric blankets can only be used on top of other surfaces and should not be covered by any pillows, comforters/bedspreads or other materials.

Use and Maintenance Tips

If you do purchase a corded textile product such as an electric blanket or mattress pad, be sure to read the manufacturer’s usage and cleaning instructions to make sure that you are using the product properly.

Always turn your corded textiles off when not in use. While most newer products have automatic shut-offs to turn off the blanket or pad if it gets too hot, it’s best not to take chances. It’s also important not to pile additional blankets or other materials on top of an electric textiles, and don’t allow pets or young children to lie on top of corded heating products.

If your corded textile becomes dirty, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning. Most corded textiles are not designed to be dry-cleaned and either need to be spot cleaned or washed by hand and allowed to air dry.