Residential fans are available in a wide array of styles. Some of the most common types available for in-home use include box, tabletop, personal and pedestal styles. They are a convenient, low-cost way to help improve air circulation, keep cool and control humidity levels.

Choosing a Fan

If you're considering purchasing a fan for home use, check to see if the fan is certified under NSF Protocol P407: Fans for Home Use. Certification to this protocol helps ensure that the product has been verified to meet strict standards for product design, durability, materials and performance. As part of NSF’s Home Products Certification Program, we also review product packaging for regulatory compliance and substantiate other marketing and label claims.

In addition to looking for certification, when shopping for a fan for home use, it’s important to think about where and how the fan will be used, as different fan styles and sizes may be better suited to specific end uses, such as an office or living room versus a bedroom.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Once you decide on a fan, check the owner’s manual for operating and maintenance instructions.

If no cleaning instructions are present, the exterior surfaces can usually be cleaned using a damp cloth and a mild soap and water solution. Be sure to unplug the fan before cleaning and make sure all surfaces are dry before returning the fan to service. Never immerse any part of a residential fan in water.