Merger will strengthen both organizations’ food safety services in EMEA market

ANN ARBOR, Mich. USA and WAVRE, Belgium – NSF International, a global organization with over 70 years of experience in food safety auditing, training and consulting, is in the process of acquiring Euro Consultants Group (ECG), a leading food safety and quality service company based in Wavre, Belgium.

ECG, founded in 1990, promotes the one-stop shopping concept and high values of flexibility and services across Europe, Africa and the Middle East, through 14 subsidiaries that span nine countries: Belgium, France, Tunisia, Bulgaria, Romania, Canada, Morocco, Poland and the Ivory Coast. NSF International and ECG share a similar commitment to food safety, training, auditing and consulting, earning them strong reputations within the food service industry.

Benefit of merger to NSF International and Euro Consultant Group food safety clients

As a result of the merger, NSF International will add food safety consulting, auditing, certification and training support throughout the EMEA region, targeting retailers, caterers, industries, private companies, and European and international institutions. ECG clients will now have access to NSF International’s extensive range of services, to help food businesses protect their customers and their brands. The NSF Global Food Division provides expertise and accredited services across all supply chain sectors, including agriculture, animal feed and welfare, produce, processing, distribution, dairy, seafood, quality management software, retail and restaurants in more than 160 countries.

EGC’s main service categories include:

  • Consulting and monitoring: Regulatory affairs, strategy development, management and human resources management
  • Studies: Strategic positioning, commercial potential, feasibility studies, competitive positioning, benchmarking, customer satisfactions and market research
  • Audit and controls: Quality management systems audits (ISO, EFQM), hygiene, food safety and self-control audits (BRC, IFS, ISO 22000, SAC) and diagnosis (audits without standards or audits on specific issues)
  • Training and coaching: Change management and skills improvement
  • Operational assistance for short-medium-long term assignments: Outsourced services (complaint management, sensory testing, product development and project management)
  • Financing projects:  Help matching private organizations’ financing needs with project funders’ requirements to ensure private projects meet the expectations of the project funders
  • Development cooperation aid financed by funders: Food safety, food security, and access to market and financing for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

“The merger of the Euro Consultants Group (ECG) into NSF International’s Global Food Division enables us to expand consulting, auditing and training services to our multinational retail, food service and restaurant customers with operations in the EMEA region,” said Tom Chestnut, Senior Vice President of NSF International’s Global Food Division. “ECG has a robust network of experienced consultants and has maintained a strong reputation within the food service industry and at a broader institutional level. We appreciate the stalwart reputation, technical expertise and operational support that ECG brings to NSF International, along with its proficiency in research, training and supervision to improve food safety and quality.”

 “This merger is a unique opportunity to offer our clients throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East expanded testing, training and educational services, and leading edge supply chain food safety and quality management software from NSF International’s Global Food Division,” said Jean-Jacques Adam, founder and President of ECG. “We are proud to be part of NSF International as we believe they share our values and our passion. This merger will greatly benefit our existing and new clients and it opens new career development opportunities for our employees.”

The merger is expected to be finalized in the spring of 2016. More information will be available upon completion.

For more information, please contact Serban Teodoresco, Global Managing Director of NSF International’s Consulting and Technical Group, at  or +1 514-457-7029 or Dan Fone, Director of Global Business Development for Food Safety, at or +1 734-214-6241.

Editor’s note: For questions, please contact or call +1 734 214 6242 in the U.S. or Candice Adam, Communications Manager at or +32 496-620810 in Europe.

About Euro Consultants Group:
Euro Consultants Group ( was founded in 1990 in Wavre, Belgium.  Currently, ECG provides a full range of food safety, quality and consulting services. It also helps small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), business-to-business, and business-to-institution companies in the food industry obtain financing and gain market access. For business to business companies, ECG specializes in management consulting to improve efficiencies for food industries, retailers and caterers. It is a fully integrated partner in all stages of development and optimization, including quality, production, R&D, after-sales service and marketing. Counseling, training, auditing, operational assistance, laboratory investigations, complaint management and research are also provided. For business-to-institution organizations, ECG offers a broad range of activities in development aid which are financed by important project funders. When working on development projects and providing technical guidance, ECG is able to rely on its internal specialists (e.g. vets, agricultural engineers, MDs) in addition to its team of project and backstopping managers. Due to its comprehensive knowledge of both businesses, ECG has a great deal of experience in seeking institutional funding for players in the market. Since 2015, ECG has worked in a strategic partnership with the Belgian Bankers Academy.

About NSF International:
NSF International ( is a global independent organization that writes standards, and tests and certifies products for the food, water and consumer goods industries to minimize adverse health effects and protect the environment. Founded in 1944, NSF is committed to protecting human health and safety worldwide. NSF International is a Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization Collaborating Center on Food Safety, Water Quality and Indoor Environment.

The NSF Global Food Division provides expertise and accredited services across all supply chain sectors, including agriculture, animal feed and welfare, produce, processing, distribution, dairy, seafood, quality management software, retail and restaurants. Services include Global Food Safety Initiative, foodservice equipment and nonfood compounds certification, HACCP validation and inspection, label claims verification and certification, DNA and food package testing, product and process development, and organic food certification through Quality Assurance International (QAI). We also offer expert auditing, consulting and training.