ANN ARBOR, Mich. – NSF International will co-sponsor the Partnership for Food Safety Education Conference December 4–5 in Arlington, VA. The Consumer Food Safety Education Conference is your opportunity to meet with health educators and public health leaders to discuss the newest concepts and tactics to promote consumer food safety behaviors.

Two featured sessions include:

  • Call to Action: Working Together to Prevent Foodborne Illness - Mike Taylor, Deputy Commissioner for Foods and Veterinary Medicine, FDA, and Brian Ronholm, Acting Undersecretary for Food Safety, USDA, discuss how leaders in health and food safety are working together to meet the goals of Healthy People 2020. 
  • Food Safety = Behavior - Frank Yiannas, Vice President of Food Safety, Walmart Stores Inc., shares fascinating insights into proven behavioral science principles with suggested applications to advance food safety. If you're trying to improve the food safety performance of an organization, industry or region of the world, what you're really trying to do is change people’s behaviors. Simply put, food safety equals behavior.

For more details about the conference and to sign up, please visit the Consumer Food Safety Education Conference website.