Sponsored by NSF International and the National Science Foundation, international experts will gather at the 2018 Managing Legionella and Other Pathogens in Building Water Systems conference to discuss important building water health issues. Learn more about the speakers and check out the schedule to see which topics might interest you.

Register by visiting the conference website.

What You’ll Learn and Who Should Attend

Legionellosis is the most significant waterborne disease in the U.S. It accounts for thousands of hospital admissions and many deaths.

This conference focuses on practical management and prevention of Legionella and other pathogens. The event features international experts who are well-versed in identifying risks, analytical and monitoring methodologies, treatment technology, and managing practical preventive and mitigation solutions. This information is essential for managers and owners of buildings, hospitals and other at-risk facilities as well as mitigation providers, plumbing industry professionals, water suppliers and public health authorities.

To help as many professionals as possible reduce the risk of Legionella, we will upload one or more post-conference webinars on the topic as well as publish detailed proceedings — providing access to the conference information for years to come.