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  • Amarex, an NSF International Company, Executes Five Rush COVID-19 Related Submissions to the FDA

    • 3 months ago

    GERMANTOWN, Md. – In early March 2020, Amarex Clinical Research LLC, an NSF International company,...

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  • NSF International Donates $30,000 Worth of Computers to Ypsilanti Community Schools

    • 8 months ago

    Each year about 40 million metric tons of electronic waste end up in the world’s...

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  • NSF International Expands Health Sciences Group With Acquisition of Majority Interest in Amarex CRO

    • 9 months ago

    ANN ARBOR, Mich. - Global public health organization NSF International has acquired a majority interest...

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  • New NSF Training Center in Hamburg Helps Medical Device Makers Comply With EU Regulations

    • 2 years ago

    HAMBURG, Germany – PROSYSTEM, an NSF International company, is expanding NSF International’s services to the...

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