Learn more about the background, history and certification process for NSF/ANSI 60: Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals – Health Effects. Our technical experts discuss how and why the standard was developed, the types of testing required and the steps to achieve certification as well as answer some commonly asked questions.

Download our graphic showing the NSF/ANSI 60 certification process or check out the slide deck from the webinar.

Learn more about the speakers:

Blake Stark

Blake Stark is the General Manager of NSF’s Treatment Chemicals and Filtration Media programs and works with NSF’s global testing, auditing and certification of these products. Stark has worked as a key member of the NSF International staff for over 25 years, holding important roles in the water treatment area and, before that, serving as an NSF product auditor on the Field Services team.

Scott Randall

Scott Randall is a Technical Operations Manager at NSF International overseeing the evaluation of treatment chemicals and media products against the requirements of the standards NSF/ANSI 42, 44, 50, 60 and 61. He also works with NSF’s laboratories to develop and improve testing, and is the NSF representative on the NSF/ANSI 60 Joint Committee. He has over 16 years of testing and certification experience at NSF International.