Each year, NSF International recognizes both an individual and a team from our global workforce that have demonstrated excellence, leadership and commitment to NSF and the NSF mission. Members of NSF’s management team nominated the 2013 Employee and Team of the Year award nominees and winners were chosen by senior management.

2013 NSF Team of the Year: the NSF Health Sciences Medical Devices & Pharma Biotech teams based in Washington D.C. 

Recognized for tremendous growth and success while undergoing a restructuring transition, this team has helped enhance NSF’s strong relationship with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, provided expert services to clients and furthered NSF’s public health and safety mission. The team includes: Wasim Kabir Abdalla, Minh-Chau Agon, Rami Amir, Meaghan Bailey, Deborah Baker-Janis, Ben Berg, Jillian Cunningham, Maxine Fritz, Dawn Garrett, Mary Getz, Cyriac Joseph, Elaine Messa, Andy Papas, Ben Shand, Marinka Tellier, George Toscano, Tim Ulatowski and Mairin Walters.

2013 Employee of the Year: Ariel Saulles, NSF Water Systems Continuous Improvement Champion

As Lean Continuous Champion for NSF’s global water division, Ariel was recognized for her high quality work under pressure, eager attitude, leadership and detailed approach during the Lean implementation for the water and food equipment departments at NSF.