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September 2014 News

  • Emerging Contaminants in Drinking Water Cause Consumer Health Concerns

      • 7 days ago

    ANN ARBOR, Mich. – A vast majority (82 percent) of consumers report they are concerned...

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  • White Paper: Gluten-Free Labeling of Foods

      • 1 week ago

    This white paper provides an overview of the new gluten-free regulatory requirements which applies to...

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  • NSF-GFTC Chooses Food Safety Recognition Awards Selection Committee

      • 2 weeks ago

    GUELPH, Ont. Canada — NSF-GFTC, formerly the Guelph Food Technology Centre (GFTC) and now part...

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  • NSF Food Safety Experts Say Elliott Report a “Significant Step Forward in Safeguarding Food Supply”

      • 4 weeks ago

    OXFORD, UK -- The final report of the Elliott Review into the Integrity and Assurance...

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  • White Paper: The ‘New’ Phenomenon of Criminal Fraud in the Food Supply Chain

      • 4 weeks ago

    Criminal fraud has been around for thousands of years in the form of adulteration, substitution,...

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