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NSF International provides the latest news related to food, water, sustainability, health sciences, home products and management systems registration (e.g. ISO).

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  • David Begg Associates (DBA) Announces New Name: NSF-DBA to Reflect Expanded Service Offerings

      • 4 years ago

    ANN ARBOR, Mich. – David Begg Associates (DBA), an NSF International Company with expertise in...

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  • The Clear Water Company Earns NSF International Beverage Quality Certification

      • 4 years ago

    The Clear Water Company of Novosibirsk, Russia has earned NSF International Certification for their Bottled...

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  • NSF International Interviews Ivana Petricevic of Jana Natural Spring Water

      • 6 years ago

    NSF International recently interviewed Ivana Petricevic, Quality Manager at Jana, Inc. (dba Jamnica d.d.), a...

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