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  • Municipal Water Matters II

    • 7 months ago

    The second in NSF International's series of "Municipal Water Matters," this publication covers topics like...

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  • Custom Testing and R&D Lab Services

    • 8 months ago

    NSF has a research and development lab in Aurora, Ontario, Canada that performs various standard...

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  • The Building and Plumbing Bulletin - Spring 2017

    • 9 months ago

    Download our Spring 2017 building and plumbing bulletin to learn more about regulatory and code...

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  • Fact Sheet on the Safety of PEX Plumbing Products

    • 11 months ago

    PEX pipe and material is tested and certified to NSF/ANSI 61, just like many other...

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  • FAQ on the Safety of PEX Plumbing Products

    • 11 months ago

    Learn about the industry’s most frequently asked questions regarding PEX pipe and its testing and...

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  • Certification vs. Compliance: What is the difference?

    • 1 year ago

    The words “certification” and “compliance” sound similar – but are in fact, quite different. Learn...

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  • ANF (Private Label) Certification

    • 2 years ago

    We offer private label certifications for NSF certified water contact products, referred to as an...

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  • Plastic Piping Certification: 7 Steps to Certification

    • 5 years ago

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