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  • FAQ on Desk Audits for NSF International’s Water Certification Programs

    • 2 months ago

    This document provides answers to frequently asked questions related to desk audits, which are being performed for most NSF International water certification programs during the COVID-19 pandemic. For additional questions...

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  • The Building and Plumbing Bulletin - Summer 2019

    • 9 months ago

    In this edition, NSF's plumbing and plastics experts cover topics like HDPE conduit piping certification, updates to NSF/ANSI 61 and its recognition in Canada, the value of monitor testing and...

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  • Municipal Water Matters Newsletter 2019

    • 11 months ago

    NSF experts give valuable information for water utilities on frequently asked industry questions. This edition covers the differences between certified components and end products, how to identify state drinking water regulations and...

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  • Municipal Water Matters II

    • 3 years ago

    The second in NSF International's series of "Municipal Water Matters," this publication covers topics like corrosion control, tamper-evident packaging, concrete mix designs and more!

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  • The Building and Plumbing Bulletin - Spring 2017

    • 3 years ago

    Download our Spring 2017 building and plumbing bulletin to learn more about regulatory and code compliance, the latest in water conservation certification schemes and recent areas of interest around PEX...

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