ANN ARBOR, Mich. — In response to feedback from clients, employees, regulators and other stakeholders, NSF International has completely revamped its website, making it easier to find relevant information.

The new website makes it easier for users to:

  • Find NSF services by industry (e.g. water, food) or type of service (e.g. certification, audit). See links below for a quick tour of your industry
  • Navigate NSF listings, which are located on each page and specific to the program
  • Read, with less copy-intensive information and a focus on key program information clients need
  • Learn about program-specific NSF training courses, which are located on each page
  • Discover, with links to related services that help clients find bundled NSF programs and services they need
  • Stay current and up-to-date with industry-specific news, white papers and other resources available on each page
  • Search, as the new site is optimized for search engines so NSF pages gain better rankings that allow users to quickly and easily find the NSF services they are looking for

To help you become familiar with NSF’s new online home, we developed several video tours tailored to major service industries:

For more information about NSF International’s new website, please contact Senior Communications Manager Greta Houlahan at or +1 734-913-5723.