“What is the best filter for getting rid of everything in my water?” “How do I know which contaminants might be in my water?” At NSF International, we receive a lot of questions about drinking water filters. Every situation is different and finding a water filter that is suited for your specific situation can be difficult. But we can help.

An increasing number of consumers are focusing on their drinking water, which means there is a greater need for an independent organization to help people find the “best” water filter for their home’s drinking water. Many people want to find a water system without the pressure of a salesperson pushing their product, especially when they feel unsure about what kind of filter they want or need. That’s where NSF comes in. NSF International provides assurance to consumers through our independent certification of water filters, purifiers and treatment systems.

Where To Start

Many one-stop resources or consumer-friendly web pages that help people find a water filter are retailers trying to sell you their product. NSF International is an independent not-for-profit organization providing information to help you find the best water treatment or purification system for your home’s drinking water. Through our certification, we provide assurance that a filter certified by NSF will work, is safe to use and reduces the contaminants it is certified to reduce.

If you have city water, request or look up online your water utility’s annual water quality report (also called a consumer confidence report or CCR). This will show you what is actually in your drinking water. If you have well water, consider testing your water through an accredited laboratory.

Consider Your Options

We understand consumers’ needs so we can help you find the best filter system for your home’s drinking water. A family living in a city is going to have filter needs that are different from a person in an apartment building or a household that uses well water.

One important question to consider as a first step is what kind of system or filter will work with your home. For example, take the person living in a multi-family or apartment building where they cannot make changes to the plumbing. This is a challenge because installing a reverse osmosis system with a separate tap is not an option. They would have to consider something more portable like a water pitcher with filter, faucet filter or countertop-type filter. Another example is a family with a well who has concerns about nitrate. The only systems NSF International certifies to reduce nitrate are reverse osmosis systems. In this case, the ability to reduce nitrate would be the deciding factor in finding the “best” water filter.

Answering Your Questions

NSF International’s consumer information specialist offers assistance to the public to help them find an NSF International certified water filter or system based on their needs. NSF International’s expertise in certified water filters and water treatment spans over 45 years. The consumer resources section of NSF’s website has a lot of helpful information for learning more about this process of choosing a water system. For more information about finding a water filter for your home, contact our consumer information specialist at 1.800.673.8010 or info@nsf.org.