Q&A: Certified for Sport® Certification

  • Open What does being Certified for Sport® mean?

    A product that is designated as NSF Certified for Sport® goes above and beyond the established standard for quality in dietary supplements.  It demonstrates the manufacturer’s commitment to providing athletes with a clean, safe product, and promoting fair play in sport.  In addition to label claim verification and contaminant testing required for NSF product certification, NSF Certified for Sport® products are also tested to be free of 180 banned substances from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)’s Prohibited Substance List. Choosing NSF Certified for Sport® supplements allows athletes, coaches and sports medicine professionals to rest easy knowing that they are reducing risk of a positive doping test as much as possible.

  • Open Who does this program help?

    NSF Certified for Sport® protects athletes at all levels of competition, including Olympic, professional, collegiate, high school, amateur, youth and weekend warriors from testing positive for a banned substance. These products also go through the our product certification process, which includes label verification and contaminant testing, and decreases the athlete’s risk of any potential negative health implications that may arise from taking an adulterated dietary supplement product.

  • Open Where can I obtain more information about NSF Certified for Sport®?

    For more information on NSF Certified for Sport® and a complete list of certified products, please see www.nsfsport.com. The NSF Certified for Sport® mobile app available for iPhone and Android will also provide a complete list of certified products.

  • Open How many banned substances does NSF screen for? Is it updated yearly?

    NSF currently screens for 180 banned substances.  This list is based off on the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA) Prohibited Substance List and is updated annually as new testing methodologies are developed and validated.