Q&A: Supply Chain Qualification

  • Open What is the process of an NSF GMP audit?

    The details of the GMP process depend on your needs.  Audits for the purpose of a GAP assessment, vendor qualification, consultation or due diligence are as simple as submitting the appropriate paperwork and scheduling the audit.  After the audit takes place you will receive audit and corrective actions reports.  If desired, you can take further action from there.

    While initiated similarly, GMP registration is a series of annual third-party, non-consultative audits that regularly measure a facility’s GMP compliance.  Your facility receives GMP registration once it passes the initial audit. You can then use the NSF GMP registration mark on certain marketing collateral and your facility is listed on the NSF website.

  • Open How long does it take before I can be audited?

    The lead time for an audit varies depending on the audit location, but you can typically count on no less than four to six weeks and up to eight weeks.

  • Open What is the typical cost?

    The cost depends on a number of factors including facility size, operations and type of audit being conducted.