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NSF International's Automotive Parts Certification Program verifies the quality and performance of step bumpers through extensive testing and rigorous facility inspections. Our engineers independently evaluate and compare aftermarket parts to original equipment service parts to ensure the highest level of performance in form, fit and function.

Our program certifies rear step bumper and face bar assemblies that:

  • Are made of steel equivalent to that of the original equipment manufacturer replacement parts
  • Are plated with decorative nickel-chrome, electrocoat primer or powder coat primer and meet the relevant thickness or adhesions requirements
  • Meet all material thickness and strength requirements
  • Meet all performance and fit requirements
  • Meet all in-plant quality control requirements including passing an in-plant audit

Why Work With NSF?

Our history of testing and certifying products for nearly 70 years ensures that certified automotive parts meet rigid quality, safety and performance standards. Manufacturers can distinguish their parts and brand, compared to others in the marketplace, by using NSF certification to show equivalency to OEM parts in form, fit and function.

In addition, we have global reach and automotive expertise:

  • We have a global presence with strategically placed offices in key automotive markets in Asia, Europe and North America.
  • Insurance companies worldwide recognize and support NSF parts for collision parts replacement.
  • We know the automotive industry. NSF International Strategic Registrations (NSF-ISR) is recognized globally as one of the premier registrars of automotive manufacturing facilities. Our extensive automotive client list includes both OEMs and major parts manufacturers.

Benefits of Certification

NSF certification allows manufacturers to distinguish their products against all the other me-too parts in the marketplace. Collision repair shops know that NSF-certified parts fit right the first time, saving time and money.

Certified parts bear the NSF mark, a widely recognized mark of quality and distinction. It assures consumers that when their vehicle is repaired with NSF-certified parts, it is properly and effectively restored to its pre-accident condition.

Certified products and manufacturers are also listed on the NSF website. We extensively promote the certification program and offer co-marketing opportunities to help you promote your products.

Certification Process

NSF certification verifies the quality and performance of a range of auto parts through testing and inspection. The program is open to parts manufacturers able to meet NSF's rigid quality and production requirements.

The certification process includes:

  • Inspection and approval of on-site production and quality systems
  • In-plant part quality assurance requirements
  • Rigorous part testing to ensure the highest levels of performance
  • Vehicle test fit and appearance evaluation
  • Ongoing monitoring of certified parts through quarterly facility audits
  • Random, in-market part testing
  • Verification of an operating customer complaint process and a parts traceability program that allows for effective tracking of parts in the event of a recall

Parts passing all of the stringent requirements are included in the NSF-certified parts listings.

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