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NSF International can develop a customized audit program for you to ensure quality at each link in the supply chain. Armed with your specifications, our global network of auditors can audit your manufacturing and production facilities, warehouse and distribution centers and retail stores so you can be reassured the product that ends up on your store shelves meets your specifications.

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Benefits of Auditing

Consumers today are more aware of quality and contamination issues, so they want the same high levels of quality they typically get from leading national brands, in private label products. For private label products in the food, beauty, household and health categories, quality is especially critical.

NSF International’s auditing services can help you ensure product consistency and quality at every step in your supply chain so the product that ends up on your store shelves is of the same high quality as the product made in the factory.

In addition, we make it easy to get a global view of your supply chain quality with NSF Online. This free online portal lets you track the results of your audits in real time, 24/7 so you respond to non-conformances quickly and precisely.

Why Work With NSF?

Save time and money. In addition to auditing your products against your specifications, NSF International can also conduct combined audits for GMPs, quality or environmental management systems and food safety services. By offering quick turnaround of audit results, you can keep a close eye on your supply chain and quickly respond to quality inconsistencies.

Beyond our strong presence in the U.S., NSF International’s global network of auditors means we can be wherever you need us. We have the expertise to provide multiple audit services spanning across industries, from consumer goods to OTC’s to personal care products. In addition we have the capabilities to implement these audits at each link in the supply chain, from manufacturing plants and facilities to distribution centers and retail stores.


Our audit services can help ensure the quality of your product isn’t being compromised by a weak link in your supply chain. We offer the following audits:

Manufacturing/Production Facility

We audit manufacturing facilities to confirm that product quality is maintained during the production process. We can evaluate:

  • Adherence to product specification
  • Materials and material handling
  • Production procedures, recordkeeping and facility maintenance

Warehouse/Distribution Center

To help identify safety and quality issues in your supply chain, we audit warehouse and distribution centers. Services include:

  • Product rotations, storage and monitoring
  • Self-inspections of the facility
  • Disposal and documentation

Retail Store

Monitoring product quality doesn’t end once a product reaches the store shelf. To ensure accurate representation of your product, we offer retail store audits to spot check your products at the critical point of sale and verify:

  • Lot codes and expiration dates
  • Packaging quality, defects and customer complaints
  • Product consistency through random sampling and testing

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