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NSF International’s specification management services help you ensure consistency and quality by providing your manufacturers with clear guidelines so your products are produced perfectly every time. In this increasingly competitive market, you need confidence that the characteristics of your private label product’s design, composition and labeling meet your specifications.

Our services include consumer product testing, development of a detailed production description, establishment of critical product requirements and label verification.

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Ensure your private label product manufacturers deliver high quality, consistent products every time. With our suite of specification development services, NSF International works with you to develop accurate, comprehensive product specifications so you can be confident that every batch of your product has the same predefined characteristics whether they are produced two weeks or two years later.

An effective, ongoing specification management program is critical to protecting your private label brand. We offer a comprehensive range of specification development services to make sure your products work as well as or out-perform leading national brands.

Why Work With NSF?

NSF International’s legacy in standard development and product testing makes us the perfect partner for developing your product specifications. Since 1944, companies around the world have trusted our unparalleled standards of integrity and quality to test, audit, review and develop solutions for their products.

When you work with NSF, we assemble a team of our top product and regulatory experts to develop specifications that are compliant with all applicable regulations and ensure the key features that make your private label product unique are delivered consistently regardless of vendor.

With our global network of laboratories and library of thousands of consumer product test methods, we have the capabilities to ensure your unique product specification is accurate and comprehensive. In addition, you can follow the progress of your specifications and test reports anytime, anywhere in the world through NSF Online, our free online portal.


NSF International’s specification management services provide ongoing support to keep your products in compliance and minimize the risk of recalls. Our services include:

Consumer product testing

  • Pre-production, production, random sampling
  • On-site factory audits
  • Performance and quality testing
  • Sensory panel evaluation
  • Product evaluation through laboratory testing
  • Packaging performance analysis and testing

Development of a detailed production description

  • Unique identifier (i.e. product name or number)
  • Bill of materials
  • Raw material sources
  • Parts list

Establishment of critical product requirements

  • Domestic and international regulations
  • Retailer specific requirements
  • Recommended testing to minimize risk

Label verification

  • Domestic and international compliance reviews
  • Claims verification (sustainability, organic, gluten-free)

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