CWA 15596 European Foodservice Hygiene Standard

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Responding to a need for a more consistent, European-wide approach to hygiene of foodservice and catering equipment, NSF collaborated with the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) to develop CWA 15596: Cleanability of Commercial Foodservice Equipment.

Retailers, caterers and buying groups can now specify CWA 15596 to ensure the cleanability of their commercial kitchen equipment. Foodservice equipment manufacturers can be third-party certified to the document requirements, which streamlines product acceptance across Europe.

For more information about CWA 15596, email or phone +44 (0) 1993 885 600.

Benefits of Certification

CWA 15596 outlines requirements for materials, design and construction of equipment to facilitate proper hygiene. Certifying to CWA 15596 helps manufacturers meet requirements of European Directives 178/2002 and 852/2004 relating to food hygiene and HACCP.

Certifying to the standard also demonstrates a high level of commitment by offering a product that has been verified as hygienically safe and beyond minimum legal sanitation requirements. In addition, CWA 15596:

  • Defines a code of practice for commercial food equipment to be determined “cleanable”
  • Is accepted across all EU countries
  • Conforms with HACCP requirements to be “easily cleaned”

Why Work With NSF?

As one of the developers of CWA 15996 standard, backed by nearly seven decades of experience certifying food equipment, NSF is the logical partner for your CWA 15596 certification.

Our technical and testing staff members are experts in their fields, and we provide a dedicated certification project manager who will be your single point of contact.

Certification Process

Being the innovators of this certification program has given NSF nearly seven decades to refine and simplify our certification process. We can provide a thorough and efficient certification to CWA 15596 in just five simple steps, led by a single point of contact with the technical expertise and dedication to expedite your certification.

  1. Application
  2. Product evaluation, material review/testing and performance testing
  3. Certification/listing
  4. Manufacturing facility audit
  5. Annual compliance verification

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  • We’ve worked with NSF for 18 years and have had almost all our products NSF certified. The widely accepted NSF mark, easy-to-navigate listings and dedication of our project manager have saved us time and money, and helped our products stand out.Jim Tuyls, Automatic Bar Controls
  • A customer directed us to get NSF certification and we were blown away by the seamless and stress-free experience. Our dedicated project manager delivered fast and personable service, often addressing our questions and concerns within a few hours!Steve Welter, Watlow Electric Manufacturing

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