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NSF Seafood provides expert product evaluations, laboratory testing, certification, audits/inspections, speciation, consulting and training. We work with all types of clients including importers, exporters, processors, aquaculture farms/facilities, retailers, restaurants and distributors to help ensure product safety, quality, consistency, transparency and sustainability. 

Known as the global seafood solution provider, this specialized division of NSF International has a dedicated staff backed by decades of seafood knowledge and hands-on experience. We understand your needs and strive to become a valuable resource by delivering non-biased, factual and logical information for management decisions.

We have offices and labs in key global locations including Seattle/Bellingham; Dutch Harbor, Alaska; the U.S. East Coast; Shanghai, China; Busan, South Korea; Delhi, India; Bangkok, Thailand; and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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  • Trident Seafoods has utilized the services of NSF Seafood since 1991. They have provided consistent, reliable and professional service. We have found NSF Seafood to be thorough, professional and responsive. Our customers trust them, and so do we.John van Amerongen, Chief Sustainability Officer, Trident Seafood
  • Tradex Foods has been using the seafood product inspection services of NSF Seafood for over 15 years. Their reports represent the quality completely and always give us the confidence of knowing what we are purchasing.Michael Warren, VP & Director Quality Control Management, Tradex