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Companies in the medical device industry rely on the expertise of NSF’s experts in patient safety and regulatory communications to develop risk communication products and patient notification strategies. Our team of professionals with extensive FDA and industry experience provides your company medical devices safety communications services that mitigate patient risk and meet global regulatory directives. With effective risk messaging, you ensure that patients and physicians have information to make informed healthcare decisions, increasing your public trust and credibility.


When it comes to medical devices safety communications, our consultants bring the right level of expertise with custom solutions to guide you through:

Patient Safety Communication

  • Develop safety communications and patient notification strategies
  • Develop balanced benefit/risk messaging and communication plans for introducing products into the global marketplace
  • Facilitate patient labeling activities, ensuring usability and regulatory compliance
  • Provide expertise in collecting patient feedback, survey development and message testing
  • Increase media outreach

Regulatory Communications

  • Develop and review recall communication strategies, ensuring regulatory compliance and effective patient outreach
  • Support field corrective actions and patient notification activities
  • Facilitate efficient and effective communications with regulatory authorities worldwide


Our medical devices consulting staff includes former FDA and EU officials and industry experts who combine global regulatory knowledge with industry best practices to help our clients achieve sustainable and compliant quality systems.

Why Work With NSF?

At NSF, we are committed to protecting patient health and safety. With our regulatory, clinical and communications expertise, we help medical device companies gain trust and credibility through effective patient safety and regulatory communications.

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