General Manager, Pharma Biotech

Phone: +1 202.822.1850
Country: United States

Kurt L. Moyer has more than 23 years of pharmaceutical development experience spanning all areas from discovery support to marketed products. His primary expertise is in the areas of bioanalysis, extractables and leachables, method development and validation, identification of impurities and metabolites, and GLP/GMP compliance. He also has extensive experience with drugs for anticoagulant and cardiovascular therapies. In addition, Dr. Moyer provides NSF Health Sciences clients with project management that is designed to accelerate the development process. Prior to joining NSF Health Sciences, Dr. Moyer served as a Senior Research Investigator for Sanofi Aventis and a Research Scientist for the DuPont Pharmaceutical Company. Dr. Moyer received his Ph.D. in biochemistry from Villanova University.